The Ass Kicking Manifesto

This is The Spirit Rebooted’s Ass Kicking Manifesto. Here we expound our reasons for having this blog in the first place. And no, we won’t ask for your money, so relax.

  1. The Spirit Rebooted (It’s all about the chilling)

The first thing we want you to do is to reboot and reclaim your own spirit. Recognize that you are part of the entire Universe, as is everyone and everything else. Realize that YOU- and ONLY YOU- are responsible for your perception of the Universe. You are wholly responsible for your construction of the reality around you and how you feel about it. No one can tell you anything such that it can be believed by you; you have to KNOW it yourself, you have to EXPERIENCE the knowing of it before you can assimilate it as truth. Now you can no longer shift the blame for something you don’t like and just say “that’s the way things are,” because you realize that you are allowing them to be so. On the flip side, your happiness is now in your own hands. Most importantly, you must realize that all you want is to be HAPPY, that is, all you want to do is CHILL. And you must realize that so does everyone else.

The way to this realization is PHILOSOPHY, which doesn’t mean burying your nose in dusty books, but rather which can be totally entertaining and fun.

  1. The Psyche-Spiritual Experience (Your chilling is connected to everyone else’s)

This point is connected with the point above. We must study the spiritual experience. It is imperative that we come to realize that we are connected, and not in some airy-fairy-kumbayah-around-the-campfire sort of way, but literally and logically.

We must study the use of psychedelics and the practice of shamanism, both of which have been going on since the dawn of humankind. (You don’t have to take psychedelics. In fact we don’t advocate their use at all).

We must take a look at religions and their practices, and how they connect with the spiritual experience.

We must study our history as a species, our biological evolution, and our history as a civilization.

All of this is to the end that you can connect the dots YOURSELF. Never believe what anyone tells you, you have the responsibility to figure it out yourself. We never learn a lot of our history as human beings because it is not touched upon in schools, and later in life we just don’t care. But even a cursory glance at history will enable you to trace all religious and spiritual experiences down to one basic human experience. We will call this the “trance state,” and it has been accessed by shamans, gurus, rishis, mystics, medicine men, and trippers alike for MILLENIA.

Realize that there is a TRUE spiritual experience, and it is super groovy. You will then see that religions are a poor (although perhaps genuine) attempt to translate this experience to you. But dogma, ritualization, and priestly hierarchy have poisoned that enterprise, and they tell you that you cannot attain spirituality unless you follow THEIR way. Fuck that. Look back to Point 1 of the Ass Kicking Manifesto: you are responsible for yourself.

  1. The Peaceful Revolution (How can we all chill together?)

This point follows from the above two points. Now that you know that all you want is to be happy, and that your happiness is connected to everyone else’s, how do we help everyone chill? If we take a look at the current economic and governmental system, we find that it is sick and that it seeks to sedate the entire population with an illusion of happiness. This culture empowers only the corporations who seek to control us, so a few people at the top can benefit. But with our spirits rebooted, we realize that we don’t need the fake shit that media excretes to make us happy, we realize that we are in control of our own destiny.

So now, how can we make the world better for every one of us? We can use science and technology. We need to wake up and see that our consumption of resources is destroying the Earth, but we have the power and the knowhow to create a system in which we can have a resource abundance without depleting and poisoning the Earth. Engineers, architects, city planners, artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, scientists, demographers, social workers, environmentalists, and dreamers of all ages… WE NEED YOU. We can figure this shit out together, and we can save the planet and ourselves. We don’t need to wait for permission from the existing control structures.

  1. Connect the dots

It is all connected. Everything. Once you take control of your own self, you will realize you do not need to be part of a destructive culture that is ruining the one thing that is the most important: our Mother Earth. Through the spiritual experience you will realize that we are all literally connected, that we have come from the Earth and that we owe every bit of our existence to Her. And when you put that together, you will want to set everything up such that nothing gets spoiled and that everyone can chill as much as they want because… that’s what YOU want to do too. Now do you see that everything is connected? All you have to do is pick up an idea that means something to you and run with it. It’s just a circle of dominos, and you can start anywhere, because once you push one over, they will all eventually fall.

So this is about you being happy. Which means it’s about everyone being happy. Which means it’s about taking care of everything. If all of us get with the program, just imagine what a beautiful world we can create, and what fruitful lives we can all live.

It’s what the Universe wants.