How Everything Is Connected

Well, we keep saying it, so here we present to you an example of how everything is connected. It is an example of how if you take any idea, and really think about it, really question it, then it will take you from idea to idea and who knows what you can imagine in this process. And perhaps it can give some insight into how we formulated our Ass Kicking Manifesto.

We recommend starting at the simplest place: yourself. What do you want to do in life? We covered this in another post, so we won’t get into details. We’ll just cut to the chase- the purpose of life is to chill. And that’s what you really want to do. Now, will you be able to chill indefinitely? Of course not, because other people will not let you chill. You are going to have to go to work in the morning to support the economic system that is seemingly providing you chilling.

This is paradoxical. Why do we work jobs we hate just so we can chill on the weekend? The only way you are going to get an extended shot at chilling is if EVERYONE chills. When you look around at the current situation, you see a large amount of inequality. Not everyone is able to chill at the same level, and this will always cause unrest. Look to your history. The same thing is happening now. So what is the source of this inequality?

Money seems to be the source of a lot of this inequality, and the economic system we have in place is preventing a lot of people from getting the basic things to enable some decent chilling (like food, shelter, water, plumbing) while a few people at the top are simply overfed.

So then let’s take a closer look at this economic system we have in place. It runs on money. This capitalist system has allowed for the creation of a lot of cool things; after all, no one is making a PS4 for free. However, what are the consequences of capitalism? For a long time now, capitalism has been seen to be ineffective, and in fact destructive. Besides creating a massive wealth gap, it necessitates the existence of a profit-driven entity whose sole purpose is to make profit no matter what the cost. It is cold, calculating, and apathetic. This kind of mentality has spread to the general public, which makes it difficult for people to chill because they are always profit-driven.

So, if our system is in fact taking away a lot of our chilling, can we then overhaul this destructive system? Is it even possible at this point, or has it gotten way too much momentum? What about the forces behind this system, the corporations? Would they allow it? Is the upper 1% really controlling the world economy?

You can assume there is a conspiracy, or you can assume the current scenario to be just the momentum of the collective stupidity of humanity. It doesn’t matter. The point is, why is it so hard to get rid of money? Because YOU want it! You want your luxury, you want to eat junk whenever you want, you want the FREEDOM to do whatever you want. But at what cost is this “freedom” coming? Economic inequality, ecological instability, the destruction of Nature to fuel the profit-making machines, and so on. But still we don’t feel like giving up our small comforts, because to us they are such a tiny thing. Our actions are so insignificant as to hardly have an effect on the larger scheme of things, right?

But wait, when everyone is under the same spell of instant gratification, potato chips, reality TV and the dream of instant fame, etc., etc. etc.… when all of us are not able to stop resorting to satisfying these small comforts, it necessitates an entire commercial-industrial complex. These corporations do not care about the consequences of their actions so long as they can make more profit. It is thus through our small acts, through our inability or unwillingness to give up on our small comforts, that we directly support this economic system, and thus are responsible for the economic inequality and environmental destruction. And hence, our own lack of chilling.

So what do we do? How do we fill these empty spaces that seems to be filled only by all these small comforts? Now we reach philosophy. You must question, what is it that is actually missing, what really is that emptiness you seek to fill with tiny material comforts? Now it comes down to understanding what you really want. Once you do understand that, you have to ask yourself, do you really need to be supporting the commercial-industrial complex?

You have a responsibility for everything you do. There is no one who can give you a moral compass, YOU are responsible for YOURSELF. Which means you can change your actions today, you no longer have an excuse to say “The world is the way it is.” No! You are responsible for you.

So what are you supposed to do? If you stop filling the empty spaces with small comforts, then what? Are you to become an ascetic, renounce everything and go live in the mountains? These empty spaces are merely symptomatic of a deeper longing. We are creatures of imagination, and what we long for is to be in the presence of magic. These small comforts bring us close to it, but they never really do the trick. They are like toys that we are interested with initially but soon get bored with, and have to replace with something new. How, then, do we find this magic?

That’s where the psychedelics come in. They will show you magic for the price of a personal act of courage. Literally feel the connectedness of Nature. See that Nature Herself has enough magic and beauty to placate all your empty spaces. It is the source of all philosophy. It is not a reality that is translated through your subconscious cultural filters, it is the felt presence of immediate experience. Pure being. And you owe yourself the magic of that experience.

So how do we go about integrating magic into our daily lives? Are we to have no comforts and only psychedelic drugs? No! You can have comforts too, but not EVERYTHING. There is a responsibility on you to find a balance, and you have to consider everyone else as well.

So how do we take all this and move forward? Can we bring money with us into the future of society? Can we use the technology we have to generate clean energy for everyone? Can we have a true economy based on resources and not money? What do we need to do to find a balance with the Earth and see to everyone’s comfort and development? The fact is, we need to create a society that addresses these issues, and not one that pits us against each other in the quest for personal profit. We need a society that enables everyone else’s chilling, so that you can chill.

You see how it all circles back to the original idea. Everything is connected.

In between, you will think of a lot of things. You may think of completely different things, but I reckon that certain themes will be universal. Every human feels a longing for magic, for example. Not magic in the theatrical sense, but that feeling of bliss you might get from eating a sandwich, embracing a lover, or a watching beautiful sunset.

What is important is that YOU continue to question, so that YOU can figure out these things for yourself. What is important to you about being human? What do you want in a relationship? What is life about for YOU? No one can tell you the answers to these questions, you have to figure them out for yourself. And it begins with questioning. Questions lead to answers that lead to more questions. Like, what is the use of technological progress? Must we continue to have gender and race differences? Is money really the best way to run the world? And so on, and so on, and so on. Keep doing this, and one day you will ask yourself the question that you need to ask yourself. Because everything is connected.



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