We’re Sharing Dreams

“You are the works.” You are Everything, you are the All, the entire Universe. That’s Alan Watts summarizing basically all of Hindu theology in a nifty, catchy one-liner. It is a notion very familiar to Eastern philosophies especially. It is to be taken both figuratively and literally. It is the summation of a state of mind glimpsed in deep meditation by yogic masters, as well as by trippers of all ages, throughout all ages. What becomes very clear in this mystical state is that we are all each other’s imagination, and that the entire Universe is a dream.

Well, that’s a little far-fetched for the more rational among us, and you have every right to be skeptical. In fact, it’s your duty to be skeptical about everything. So let’s take a more logical view of this dream thing. And when I say “dream” here, I don’t just means what you see when you sleep. A dream is something glimpsed in your imagination- it is nothing more than a thought. A dream is a mental state. Now, what is it that you do throughout your life? You have certain dreams, thoughts, or imaginings about what you want your life to be. The interesting thing about harboring dreams, no matter what your social/financial/moral situation is, is that it moves you to act in a certain way that attempts to realize that dream. Whether you are thinking about what you want to do tomorrow, or making long term plans, you will act- consciously or subconsciously- in a way such that those plans are brought into reality. Thus, the origin of your actions is always a thought. Your actions then generate a feedback from the Universe, and your plans get shaped by the reality that is around you. So your dream changes slightly to accommodate the various variables that impinge on your dream, but notice what is happening: you are actually bringing your dream closer to reality. It is not only your actions and efforts that go towards realizing the dream (which is nothing but one of your mental states), but the responding and adjusting to external feedback (that is, feedback from everything that is external to your mind, including your own body).

This is- whichever way you look at it- a psychic process. You are trying to take what is in your dream- what is in your mind– and bring it into reality.

Now, you are the works. You are the whole Universe whilst also being a part of it. So, you can dream the entire Universe into being. Everything that you see and beyond is dreamed into existence by you. Yet, even though you could do it all by yourself, human nature is such that we always want to share our dreams. This, I think, is the reason for the innate craving we feel for human connection, the reason that we are indeed such a social animal. We’re sharing dreams.

It works like this… Let’s say you and your friend are sitting around, and your friend suggests that both of you rustle up some incredible sandwiches. This strikes you as a wonderful idea. You weren’t thinking about it before, but your friend shared their dream with you, and now you both want sandwiches. Well, the only thing to do at this stage is get up and make them. Now see what happened: what began as a thought- as just a dream- in your friend’s head has now become a reality and you can share this experience together. The dream has been realized, and it is delicious.

This is why we like hanging out with people that we like. We all have dreams, and when our dreams are the same then we can work together towards realizing those dreams.

So if you always have good thoughts, you will always have people to share your dreams with. That is to say, if you are a chiller, you will always have people to chill with. But if you are an asshole, then no one will want to be a part of your dream. And you get to decide where that distinction is. (Watch our video to learn more about the chiller and the asshole).

Life is really simple, to be honest. Like the Buddhists say, just watch your thoughts, because you already know all of this to be true. Time spent with friends, family, lovers, and kind strangers… think about it: why are these the moments we cherish the most? Because in those moments we are living our dreams.


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