Look at the Cosmos, Feel Small, Worry Less

We prevent ourselves from chilling so many times because we occupy our minds with mundane, petty concerns about bullshit. Let’s face it, we of the high-tech societies have little real reason to complain, yet we manage to find so much time for it. And all of this fuss is over tiny, petty, moronic, bullshit.

Perhaps it’s not all our fault. Culture has infantilized us while making us insecure and unconfident. In the modern day, one form this has taken is a selfie war, where millions of people are desperately trying to show everyone that they are having fun, whether it’s jumping off a building or making breakfast.

But this post isn’t about that rap. I’m not going to hate on culture (this time).

Instead I would like to propose a small little mental exercise- which doesn’t involve any substances- that you can do to cultivate the habit of not worrying too much about mundane bullshit (and if nothing else, it’s really trippy). And why would you want to do that? Well, perhaps we don’t realize it, but worrying is the antithesis of chilling. Worrying destroys chilling. Worrying is the path to the Dark Side.

Think about it. If you are sitting at home, watching your favorite thing, perhaps with something nice to eat in your hands, then you’re really living it up. But if you are spending time thinking about the thing that some person said to you about some other thing, then you’re not going to be able to enjoy it. And for what? Some bullshit? The problem is that we are too used to looking right in front of us and seeing nothing else. Even after all the schooling we’ve got, and all the crap we watch on the Internet, we never think about the world except for what is right in front of us, and our perspective literally becomes narrow. I don’t mean in some stupid mental way, I mean it physically becomes narrow because we don’t think of it as connected to anything else. If your entire experience is contained in the room that you are in, then your world becomes very small. And hence, by comparison, your tiny problems seem very large. Who, then, can blame you for wasting time thinking about that bullshit?

Now here’s the exercise: It basically involves feeling small. Try and imagine your experience in the world on the physical scale that it is. We rarely, if ever, think about the space we are in in this way! The Earth is nothing more than a gigantic rock covered by a relatively thin layer of gases. It’s only source of heat from the outside is coming from a massively large ball of gas that is 93,000,000 miles away. 93-MILLION-fucking-miles, and yet it is sufficient enough to heat ALL this gas that we call our atmosphere. So this rock is rotating while traveling around the ball of gas, and it is so massive that its movements are churning the entire ocean. Take a bowl of water and swish it around and watch the water swish around with it, and then think, Holy shit, that’s what’s happening with the oceans. That’s what makes tides. Just watch this video of the Earth taken by satellite, it will give you a great picture of the scale of it. The Earth is SO FUCKING HUGE. It’s bloody massive.

This rock is moving through endless, cold space. Think about it, right on the edge of our atmosphere, nothing can survive. It’s just too fucking cold out there. AND YET, down here on the surface of this rock, under a thin blanket of gases, there is so much cool shit going on! And part of it is YOU in your room worrying about some tiny, petty bullshit. And while you are doing that, all this amazing stuff is just happening. Isn’t that a mind-fuck? I don’t know about you, but I find it very trippy. And this kind of thinking also helps you realize how incredibly small you are, and by comparison how small your problems are. When you view the Earth on this scale, your problems seem very tiny indeed. By no means am I saying that they are irrelevant, but they probably aren’t worth the amount of worry you or I or we give them. If you can put the scale of these things into perspective, you can then stop worrying and start enjoying this incredibly massive rock floating around in cold, dead space around a gigantic ball of gas.

If you look at the Earth like you look at a globe, then it would look like you were standing sideways. People at the South Pole would appear upside down. Yet everyone is right side up. The Earth is so massive that its gravity is keeping you right against the surface. Plus, the earth is spinning at hundreds of miles per hour and you are under hundreds of tons of gases… there are SO MANY massive physical forces acting on you at any one point of time, yet you feel nothing.

So you can see how easy it is not to notice, or even ignore all of that. But once you are aware of it, you know it is always there, and it is beautiful and humbling. That is why you should spend some time learning about the Universe. Anything will do! There is SO MUCH BEAUTY in this world that we couldn’t possibly see it all. But there are wonderful documentaries about any subject you can think of, and it’s all available to you. Walk on Mt. Everest, run with cheetahs across the African plains, fly to distant balls of gas other than our own. Learn about things, so you can understand them. The below clip is from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, a wonderful series that will open your eyes to amazing things that are happening in our physical Universe, and the whole thing’s on YouTube for free.

Our education has failed us. We never learned to APPRECIATE Nature, and that is part of the reason we are so disconnected from it. When you see more of Nature and learn more about it, you begin to see things very differently, like with the exercise explained above. You get a far greater appreciation for it, and you are moved to protect it, and nurture it. You will concentrate less on your problems, and as a result you can really chill and simply take joy in the massive happenings around you. Because getting engrossed in this beautiful world is a far better pastime than worrying. As a result, your ego’s hold on you will weaken as you actually start becoming more and more a part of this world. If more and more of us can let that kind of humility and love into our hearts, then we can broadcast it back. We would want everyone to know that chilling. And then what a wonderful world it would be.


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