Stoned Ape Theory Ch6: Closing Thoughts

This is Chapter 6 of a 6 part series covering the Stoned Ape Theory as presented by Terence McKenna in his lecture, “Mushrooms, Evolution, and the Millennium.”

I almost didn’t want to include the question-answer round as a part of this series, but in this single Q&A round Terence makes some of his most memorable points that are otherwise scattered across many lectures. Most of these points directly relate to psychedelics, but have practical implications in our real world day-to-day lives.

He talks about a question he posed to the mushroom: how do we save the planet? The answer and the backing logic is very interesting.

He talks about how growing mushrooms is a great way to prepare for a trip for first timers, because it teaches you cleanliness, punctuality, attention to detail, focus- all things that will serve you invaluably in LIFE.

He talks about how to deal with the issue of what to tell your children with regards to what compounds you consume. He suggests a simple policy: HONESTY and OPENNESS.

He talks about the Bicameral mind theory, or the theory that up to a few millennia ago an informing voice communicated with human beings quite regularly, and how this is supposed to have become what we identify as EGO today.

He talks about a very interesting point on DRUGS, and the bad rep they have. Here’s a story to illustrate our naivety about drugs and our own history: Cane sugar, normal grocery store white sugar, is also a drug, and moreover it is an addicting drug. Well, slavery died with the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, if you had a slave, you had only one and it was more a symbol of status. Slavery was brought back to make white sugar, because the process is hellish, or at least it was back then (14th century). Cotton, tobacco, and all that, came later. It began with sugar. And we don’t even think of sugar as a drug.

It is a great close to a brilliant lecture. We hope you have enjoyed it and gained a lot of information, and hopefully are moved to listening to more of Terence McKenna. There is so much to learn, and it’s all out there on YouTube.



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