A Lost History of DMT (short docu)

In earlier posts on this blog, we have asked you to examine your religion, question their origins, decode the hidden meaning in the texts… I mean, is it really possible that there were sea monsters, and angels, and dudes that walked on water? Or is it more possible that these are just allegorical stories for natural phenomena and/or Jungian archetypes glimpsed in the dream state or trance state?

Don’t knock your head, allow me to explain.

Even someone who has only heard the stereotypes about psychedelics knows that when on psychedelics, one sees some weird shit. In other words, they hallucinate. However, several people- even in modern times- have reported contact with sentient entities while on certain substances, such as DMT and psilocybin (which is anyway structurally similar to DMT).

Time and time again we have stressed that there is one true spiritual experience: the trance state. The trance state has been easily accessible to anyone who consumes these entheogen containing plants which can be found all over the world. Is it not possible that every religion came out of these experiences and that the entities glimpsed were then taken for gods or angels? And if you ask how is it then that there are so many different religions, you must understand that every individual brings their own personality to the trip along with the plant’s “personality.” An individual’s personality is moulded by the place they were born, the things they saw, the stories they were told and so on. So consider why the monotheistic faiths of the desert are so similar (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).

What about burning bushes that talk? Suppose the “bush” was really an acacia tree, a tree that grows naturally in Middle East and which contains DMT… if someone were to breathe the fumes of a burning acacia tree, it is quite likely they would hear it talk, among other things. There is evidence for the use of psychedelics in Hinduism and Buddhism (soma), ancient Greece (the Kykeon), Zoroastrianism (haoma), Christianity (manna) and the other desert religions.

In other words, all religions can (probably) be traced back to the trance state, and this is evident in the rituals, the artwork, and the temples of these religions.

The following documentary, “DMT: A Lost History” has been put together by YouTuber Chris Rice, and he has done a fantastic job in collating these myths in short videos and using excellent ancient imagery and art of the worship of what appears to be the DMT containing plants of the particular region (for example, the acacia tree is seen in Egyptian art). He has packed together several pages of research into 5 short videos of an average length of 5 minutes.

Once it is explained to you, the evidence becomes quite clear and obvious. You won’t be able to look at it the same way again.



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