KYE: DMT- The Spirit Molecule

Read about why you should KYE (know your entheogen) here.

DMT is not a drug, it is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter found everywhere in nature- in plants, animals, and even in you right now.

DMT stands for dimethyltryptamine, and is one of the many tryptamines in your body. It is structurally very similar to serotonin, another neurotransmitter found in much higher abundance in the human brain. The particular isomer present in your body is N,N-dimethyltryptamine.

In sufficient quantities, DMT causes an intense psychedelic trip into dimensions beyond this one. That’s why DMT is called “The Spirit Molecule.” No kidding, read on.

Generally the amount of DMT inside your head is not enough to trigger such an episode, and in most cases it has to be introduced externally to produce these effects. Several cultures throughout history have used DMT-containing plants to make use of this compound, most famously in the visionary brew ayahuasca of the Amazon. But DMT containing plants occur all over the globe, and there is evidence in several cultures of the reverence of DMT-containing plants.

DMT in its extracted or synthesized form is generally a white powder that is vaporized. The effects last for 5-15 minutes and are- as can be attested by trip reports- profound.

Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting. Externally introduced DMT is one thing, but what about the DMT within you? Where does it come from? It is thought that DMT is produced in the pineal gland of the mammalian brain. The pineal gland has been a source of interest throughout the ages, and Rene Descartes called it “the seat of the soul.” Now consider every report of a prophet, or someone spontaneously speaking in tongues, or near death experiences… it is thought that these events are brought about by some chemical change in the body or some extreme stress which cause a release of endogenous DMT (that is, internally produced DMT). We urge you to search online for a comparison of near death experiences and the psychedelic trip; there are vast differences, but also similarities as well.

The fact is, these experiences that have been reported without consumption of an external substance have typically been caused by great stress, such as pain (look at yogis that hang from hooks underneath their shoulder blades), starvation (like Jesus’ fast in the desert during which he “met” angels and the Devil), near death experiences, and so on. It is said that at the time of death the pineal gland releases endogenous DMT. In fact, tryptophan is a chemical that is found in all living things, and it is a compound that is two trivial steps from turning into DMT- so theoretically, all living things can contain DMT. This is all very compelling.

Many users of DMT report the same things: crystalline-mechanical objects, visions of unknown symbols, extremely complex geometric patterns, a higher dimensional manifold, and contact with sentient entities. If you connect the dots, this sets up a logical framework for pretty much every “religious experience” that has ever been had by anyone, ever.

Below is a very short video that gives a very good brief on what DMT is about. Also, we strongly urge you to listen to Terence McKenna, Joe Rogan, or any number of trip reports.


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