Stoned Ape Theory Ch5: How do we Fix this Situation?

In the previous parts of the lecture, Terence talks about how mushrooms catalyzed evolution, how it led the monkeys into a partnership society, and how and why that society fell back into dominator patterns and has ultimately led to the society we have today.

In short we’ve heard about how humans fell into paradise and then fell out of it (which has led to the current global scenario of general screwed-upness), Terence doesn’t leave it at that. Now he talks about how to fix it.

Well, it’s not enough to simply say let’s all do mushrooms. That would be a cop out, that would seem too easy. So he backs it up with very compelling reasons.

Whenever things have gone astray, it has been a human habit to look back to a time where things worked. It’s like doing a system restore on your computer. Now, you can boil down all the problems in the world to one thing: excesses of the ego. Well, there are shamanic tools available in nature which have been used for millennia by humans as an inoculation against the formation of ego. And this tool shows you how pathetic materialism is, shows you that you are indeed connected to everyone and all of Nature, and also takes care of the universal human need for providing a TRUE spiritual experience which neither religion, government, or capitalism have been able to do. There is a universe inside of YOU, quite literally, and it’s cooler than any of the crap we can possibly make.

You see, we have projected our value system into matter, and matter has not responded as expected. It didn’t make us happy, and like a child who is bored with his toy, we want to smash it for not providing that happiness that we thought we would get from all this crap. So perhaps the value system needs a shake-up.

He is not suggesting we go back to the stone age, he is not suggesting we have orgies, he is only suggesting that if anyone who sees that the world is fucked up and that we need massive behavior pattern changes, then they need to speak about this, get the word out, and- if they so wish- continue their work with these shamanic tools. He goes on to say that it doesn’t matter what the government says, or what your priest says, or what your best friend says, FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOURSELF. Maybe it is all malarkey, but you’ll never know unless you know, and you’ll never know unless you act.

This ends the formal lecture.



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