Money is the Root of all Assholery: Zeitgeist Addendum (docu)

“Money is the root of all evil” is an old, old adage. Perhaps none of us really took it too seriously. Sure, growing up we saw that most rich kids were irrepressible assholes, but that hardly makes anyone necessarily evil.

For all intents and purposes, there is only one country in the world and it has one ruling power: MONEY. Peter Joseph covers this in his amazing 2nd documentary, Zeitgeist Addendum. He has done loads of research and put it into a video in such a way that it presents some very interesting facts that many of us did not know or chose to ignore; now the least you could do is watch it.

Why should you watch it? It’s an extremely strong wake up call. No, you will not feel like giving away all your money and living like a monk, so have no fear. But you might just gain a disgust for the current economic system and crave for a more sensible paradigm to take its place.

Remember that to be happy, all you want to do is chill. For that, you don’t need money, you need resources.

But why all this hatred and suspicion for money? Because the existence of money has led to the creation of system for handling that money that is BEYOND CORRUPT. This documentary covers the reasons why the very economic system in place is fallacious and moronic. It has allowed for the creation of some kind of an Economic Mafia, where 1% of the population is reaping most of the material resource benefit off the backs of the other 99%.

The documentary also covers the use of the DRAMA of media and religion to DISTRACT people from what is really going on. It will make your skin crawl some of the things the so called “advanced societies” have done just to make a profit. Watch, learn, and get angry.

Why put yourself through this? After all, you need money to survive, and the money is required by the system that is in place. So that means if you want change… hmmmm… oh yes, of course, then the SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.

But who’s going to do that?

WE are the only ones who can. Are you going to wait for permission from the people in “power?” Fuck that. WE give them their so called power, and we can take it away. What this will take is an act of courage on the part of every individual, and together as a society. The courage to start questioning: both the system and your own attachment to the drama of money.

The things we need- natural resources- have been here on Earth waaaayyyyy before money. Therefore, you don’t really need money to be happy. What we need then is not a money based economy, but a resource based economy and a sustainable system. Watch the documentary.


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