Decoding the Texts

Here, we make an appeal to your logic.

Hundreds of cultures have hundreds of Gods, and most of them come from ancient times. Why is that? Why aren’t we discovering new Gods?

Put yourself in the shoes (metaphorically) of your ancient ancestors. They didn’t have the benefit of Hubble space telescopes, electron microscopes, or supercomputers. All they had were their wits. They were just a bunch of people who were observing nature and trying their best to understand the phenomena they observed.

Now, if they really saw Gods and angels back then, then there is no reason that we shouldn’t be seeing them today. Where are they? Did they all decide to take a sabbatical somewhere in that last 500 years? Where are the dragons and the mythical beasts? Did they all spontaneously combust? Now take a look at what we do see today: we see stars, planets, and natural calamities. There is no reason that our ancestors should not have seen these things back then. So what’s more likely? Is there a presently AWOL God somewhere, or were our ancients using metaphors to describe Nature whom they could not understand in any way that we would call scientific?

The 12 minute video at the bottom of this post in excerpt from the documentary Kymatica by Ben Stewart. Although the theory it presents may not be true, it talks about how ALL mythological archetypes and stories are nothing more than mere metaphors to describe natural phenomena or human psychology. The texts of old are nothing more than encoded observations, and it is up to us of the high-tech age to decode them. Religion is really a great story, a helluva entertainer, a fucking blockbuster. But what is more likely to be true: that dusty old book written by people who thought the Earth went around the Sun, or that Nature is actually living and breathing?

Religion does this wonderful job of externalizing divinity, but like we said in TSR1, God and the Devil are just archetypes, they are the Light Side and Dark Side of The Force, the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, the chiller and the asshole within us. So do we want to wait for a God who either took a vacation or more likely doesn’t exist to tell us what to do, or do we want to accept the divinity of everything right now and start changing the way we interact with Nature? You tell me after watching the video below.


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