Stoned Ape Theory Ch4: How Did We Fall From Paradise?

This is Chapter 4 of a 6 part series covering the Stoned Ape Theory as presented by Terence McKenna in his lecture, “Mushrooms, Evolution, and the Millennium.”

In Part 1-3 of this lecture, we saw the reasons that would have led up to the early humans’ contact with the mushroom, how the mushroom would have catalyzed evolution, and how the mushroom affected the societal style of the monkeys. They went from a dominator style (male dominated) to a partnership, nurturing, mother style of society. But then what exactly happened that reversed this process back to the ego-driven, patriarchal style that is in operation today? How did we fall from Paradise?

Terence talks about the things that happened that would have led to this fall from Paradise; he talks about what happened to the climate, about the psychedelic cave drawings in southern Algeria, and how honey comes into all this separation from Paradise. Why is this important? And how has the introduction of alcohol into the evolved primate diet tied up into this fall? Why is that we are robbing our own children of their future, a sin for which there isn’t even a name?

These are all Terence’s words, and he says it a lot better. Give this 7 minute audio clip a listen.

You see, drugs are the lenses through which we view society, and society suppresses some drugs and allows other based on the values that the society wants to promote. Look at our society, which is an alcohol-sugar-red meat-caffeine society. These drugs aren’t exactly harmony-promoting drugs, they put one on edge and have detrimental health effects, and we have seen that sickness spread throughout our little global village.


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