Wisecrack.co is wonderful site where they use the medium of short videos infused with loads of humor to educate on topics such as philosophy, film, literature and more. With a tagline like “Laugh Harder, Grow Smarter,” you may think you know what to expect and yet they never fail to delight with their wit, humor, and subject matter.

Of particular interest to this blog is the section called 8-bit Philosophy, where they talk about various philosophical matter in the form of 8-bit video game animations of all the games you grew up playing. And if you’re too young to have experienced the simple joys of 8-bit gameplay, you can still appreciate these videos for how simple and funny they are.

We strongly urge you to go visit the site and follow them on Facebook. We miss out on a lot of great ideas because we don’t have the time to invest in them, yet it is very important that these ideas enter our consciousness. Wisecrack.co distills those ideas to little 5 minute videos and explains them in an extremely entertaining way. You owe to yourself and to the Universe, please go follow this site and start exploring.



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