Stoned Ape Theory Ch3: The Mushroom as Inoculation Against Ego

This is Chapter 3 of a 6 part series covering the Stoned Ape Theory as presented by Terence McKenna in his lecture, “Mushrooms, Evolution, and the Millennium.”

In Part 2 we looked at the STONED APE THEORY in detail and saw evidence of how this mushroom could very well have catalyzed the evolution of early humans. If you need a quick summary of it, please watch this 7 minute video.

In Part 3 of this lecture we take a look at the larger scale effects that the mushroom had on the monkey. We are talking about effects on a societal scale, effects that changed the mode of existence of the monkey that started to shift from full-animal mode to a thinking, feeling, intelligent mode.

This story has tremendous implications because monkeys naturally have a male-dominated mode of society. However, psilocybin provided a chemical fix, and the mode of living then changed from a society of patriarchal values to one of matriarchal values, or more precisely, values of partnership and nurturing. It was the ability to feel this caring and empathy that separated us from the animal kingdom back then and separates us even now. This was a paradisaical mode of living where everyone took care of everyone and shared everything. When ego interferes, that’s when we get what we have today, a society driven by dominator values of “this is mine and not yours” and the results of such a society have been laid bare for all of us to see.

And this is why we have this nostalgia for a perfect time, for a paradise lost, for a Garden of Eden. Such a place did actually once exist. Psilocybin (or really, any psychedelic, but this is the one that was freely available at the time) acts like an inoculation against the ego, and when we lost connect with the mushroom, the previous mode fell back into place. This was the fall into history, this was the mythical exile from Eden. It is very important to study this bit of history, especially given the style of society we have today. We must look back to a time when things were peaceful, and we lived in harmony with nature, and we need to take the best things of that world and the best things of the world we know now and create a new, high-tech, nature-loving society today or watch the world burn.




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