Origins of Religion

Ok, so we’ve seen what magic mushrooms are all about, we’ve been introduced to shamanism. We have taken a look at the Stoned Ape Theory, and started to examine religions more closely. Now we dive even deeper into these religious myths and try to connect the dots between them and evolution and the mushroom itself.

Nicklas B. Failla presents a dissertation on the origins of religions which he theorizes (like many others) have sprung from mushroom cults. ALL religions can be traced back to this usage of mushroom which very likely was the catalyst for human evolution. He has done all the boring academic work and scholarly research, now all you have to do is watch the video.

It is important to understand that human evolution began in Africa, and then tribes spread out to Europe, and also across Asia into Indian and Siberia, and from there on into the Americas vis the Bering Strait. Now whether you talk of the Greek Eleusinian Mysteries, the Soma cult of India, Siberian shamanic use of Amanita muscaria, or the Native American spiritual mythology of the people who crossed into the Americas, ALL of them have some kind of connection with a psychedelic plant, even if this is codified or metaphorized in their religious texts. It may seem unbelievable at first, but take each bit of information as it comes and then try and tie them together when you have enough.

Ancient pagan cults have certain practices that are reflected in modern religions. The signs are there, but we didn’t have the information or we have not looked at it that way. Get the other side of story, and then decide where you stand.

This documentary presents a great holistic view of religions and their connection with the use of psychoactive plants throughout human history.


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