Debunking Mythology

Having already broached the subject of examining religions, we continue onward in this endeavor.

Knowledge is power. There is so much about our history that we don’t know, and it is not because it has not been recorded, but simply because we are not taught it in schools and never come across it later in life. Take religion, for example: there is so much we are not told about the origin of religions, and we simply accept the story we are told by elders or a priestly class. However, even a cursory glance at history will enable you to see that all religions are connected to seasonal and astrological phenomena (besides the trance state).

You don’t have to become a historian or spend years studying secret documents. With just a few basic facts and some simple logic, the mystical veil of religion begins to unravel and reveal the truth: religions were nothing more than attempts to explain natural phenomena, and this was very important to ancient human beings because they lived or died by these cycles such as the changing of the seasons, the day-night cycle, and so on.

We here at The Spirit Rebooted are not against religion (per se), but one must admit that throughout human history it has been the source of much discomfort, unease, and violence. That is because it has to do with a very sensitive topic: the belief in a power higher than the individual. This longing to believe in something bigger than one’s self- to have something caring for them- is a very universal and natural longing. In many ways it seems we never leave the womb. HOWEVER, religions come with a lot of dogma and beliefs that have nothing to do with spirituality, and only serve to politicize a mass of individuals towards some purpose. It then becomes exclusive, and seeks to vilify anyone outside of that religion. It does nothing more than feed on the base instincts of tribalism that we humans have carried from our ape ancestors. This may not have been a big deal 5,000 years ago, but today we have the power to destroy the planet, so it really is some serious shit.

We can still believe in something higher than us. There is a spiritual experience that is universal to all humans and accessible to anyone with the courage to take it on. So let us do the intellectual thing and start educating ourselves about the origin and true nature of our world religions, so that they can take their rightful place as historical artifacts in the museum of human evolution, and as a species we can join our hands and enter the next paradigm of universal chilling.

This excerpt above from the documentary “Zeitgeist” by Peter Joseph explains the significance of sun worship, constellations, and December 25th, as well as the connection between Christianity and the earlier Egyptian religion, the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 disciples, Jesus and Horus, light and dark. It makes a whole lot more sense than the prevailing story.



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