TSR4: The Cultural Wheel (Explained in terms of The Matrix)

You can understand anything in the world, all you have to do is receive the thing in such a way that you can relate to it.

There are many philosophical metaphors present in works of art that we know and love. And a perfect example of this is, of course, The Matrix series.

We are using this video to relate the metaphor of the Cultural Wheel. A culture is nothing more than a operating system for people, and what it does is it describes reality for them. For example, our culture says that you have to get a job, get married, make money, and buy things. A lot of cultures say men must be men, and women must defer authority to them. Other cultures say you have to find a wife as soon as you complete college. Still other cultures say that you are merely a cog in a machine. Do you see what happens? A culture tells you WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU FIT INTO SOCIETY.

But a culture is something that is handed down to you by OTHER PEOPLE! And everything the culture creates is symptomatic of the culture, and the culture gains momentum- like a wheel- from everything we create within it. Hence I call it the Cultural Wheel. And it is a vicious cycle. Over the many centuries of human history, the Cultural Wheel has gained a lot of momentum, and it is now rolling over our planet, crushing everything. Because the Cultural Wheel grabs you, makes you a part of it, makes you consume and consume, fools you into thinking you will never be happy unless you are rich and famous, etc. etc.

Many metaphors will gel well with The Matrix, but since we are using it to explain that culture is an illusion and that you have to break free from it to find out who you truly are, let’s proceed with that in mind. The Matrix is a movie about a guy who is fed up with the culture. He knows that something is wrong, but he doesn’t know what. He meets a man who then takes him OUT OF THE CULTURE, and then he can see the culture for the illusion that it is. He is then able to make of reality what he wants, and transcends the false reality he was once caught in. This is the great spiritual enterprise (or one of) of all human beings.

So watch this video, go back and watch The Matrix, and then look at the “reality” around you. Are you who you want to be? Or are you stuck in an illusion, trying to be what the Culture (which is as good as the Matrix) is telling you to do, do you only believe in what it tells you is real?

You are The One. Always keep questioning.


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