KYE: Amanita Muscaria- The Mario Mushroom

Read about why you should KYE (know your entheogen) here.

You’ve all probably heard of or seen the Amanita muscaria mushroom without realizing it. It’s the mushroom that turns Mario into Super Mario. It has a deep shamanic connect, particularly towards eastern Asia, around India and Siberia. Siberian shamans have been known to use Amanita muscaria, and there is reason to believe that it may have been the mythical “soma” of Vedic times, which was said to be a substance that gives one divine knowledge.

It’s a funny mushroom, but not only appearance-wise. The active compound is muscamol (the one that gives the hallucinogenic trip). However, it contains another compound called ibotenic acid. Here’s the funny part: muscamol passes through your liver without being damaged, but ibotenic acid is broken down into MORE muscamol. Hence your urine, after consuming Amanita muscaria, is more hallucinogenic than the original mushroom. Reindeer on the ancient Siberian plains were adept at finding these mushrooms hidden in the snow, and it is said that their urine was sought after for inducing these effects in humans. In fact, shamans have shared their own urine amongst each other. I know, that’s gross, but no one said navigating the spirit realm was easy.

Painted ceiling at St. Michael’s Church, Hildesheim, Germany, 1192AD. Notice the Amanita muscaria at the Tree of Knowledge.

Amanita muscaria has been depicted in various religious artwork, including Christian artwork, throughout human history. There is reason to believe that it may indeed be the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden story (although there is also reason to believe that that may have been Stropharia cubensis, or perhaps it was a mixture of the two). It may even have been part of amrita, the heavenly drink churned from the oceans by the devas and asuras in India- which is probably a metaphor for the Aryan invaders trading their knowledge of this mushroom with the indigenous people of the subcontinent. Amanita muscaria even has a connection with the modern myth of Christmas.

The point of sharing this information is not so that you can run out and drink some reindeer pee, but rather so that you can start making connections on your own. If we can come to a consensus that there is ONE real spiritual experience which has been known by sages, shamans, and gurus since the dawn of humankind, then we can begin, as a civilization, to shed the external religious dogma that has come up in its place.

The first video below is basic scientific information about Amanita muscaria, and also covers a bit about the history of it (and like the name of the channel suggests, the rest of the video proceeds like a classroom session). It calls the mushroom non-psychedelic, but whatever the maker of video meant by that it has been documented that the mushroom has been used to induce trance states. The second video is more fun, and covers a bit about the history of the mushroom and how it is caught up in this whole Christmas thing. Watch this space for more, because there is some mind-blowing stuff coming up.


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