KYE: Magic Mushroom- The Original Red Pill

Read about why you should KYE (know your entheogen) here.

The Mushroom. Psilocybe cubensis, or Stropharia cubensis, or simply magic mushrooms- as they are called- are quite possibly the “original Red Pill.” There is extremely strong evidence to support the notion that these mushrooms acted as a catalyst to human evolution. This is called the Stoned Ape Theory, which we will cover in another post.

The active compound is psilocybin.

Mushrooms are pandemic, meaning they grow all over the world. They spread by giving off spores which are extremely durable little cells that float on the wind or whatever and germinate when they come in contact with a suitable substrate (which they use as food).

Mushrooms have been used THROUGHOUT human history in various cultures, and there is evidence to support this. Mushrooms show up in various religious artefacts such as stained=glass paintings in churches and family crests from across Europe. There are other videos covering this which we will get into later.

For now, let’s concentrate on just the effects the Mushroom brings about. I have been referring to the Mushroom as a proper noun because it seems appropriate. Many people speak of the Mushroom as though there was an entity inside, and this is exactly what many trippers report encountering in these trips- a hyper-advanced alien entity that is not of this world.

Sounds like hippie bullshit, right? Well, consider this: mushroom spores can survive for eons without any sustenance, even in the vacuum of space. Imagine that. Who’s to say that the Mushroom didn’t originate on another planet and has slowly been colonizing star systems for millions of years by virtue of the spores that escape the atmosphere of their erstwhile home planet? The evidence is plenty, but we won’t cover all of it here lest it become overwhelming.

McKenna makes the argument that the Mushroom body seems to be the perfect physical form for a hyper-advanced being. Think about it- it can survive very extreme conditions in its spore form; it only feeds on non-living organic matter; it is highly efficient; it speaks to and guides anyone who ingests a sufficient amount. These seem to be the qualities of an extremely intelligent, compassionate, even bodhisattvic creature.

Well, you’ll hear enough of McKenna talk about the Mushroom on this blog. For now, the first of the videos below is a short, interesting one where a couple of scientists talk about Stropharia cubensis and cover the basics of its effects on the brain and body. The second video is a TED Talk featuring one of the guys in the first video where he talks about tests regarding mystical experiences of subjects under the effects psilocybin. It’s all very compelling and scientific. And the last video, honestly, is like a trailer of what’s coming. It is an audio retelling (with visuals, for the easily distracted) of what the Mushroom dictated to Terence McKenna on one fine trip, and that he wrote down and included in one of his books. The entire text of that dictation can be found here.


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