Know Your Entheogen (KYE)

It would serve you well, I think, to learn very briefly about the various kinds of entheogens (which is another word for “psychedelics”).

Why should you?

  1. You DO NOT have to take any. In fact, we don’t advocate their use at all.
  2. It would be beneficial to have this knowledge to add to your world-view. What are these compounds, where do they come from, what is their relation to normal human brain chemistry, and how have they been used for millennia by cultures across continents? These are some of the questions you will come across.
  3. You can then begin to connect the dots yourself. What exactly is the nature of the experience brought about by these compounds, and is there any parallel with what is popularly known as a “religious experience?” For that matter, what actually is a religious experience? Why have these compounds been associated with various religious practices?

With any new knowledge, you can begin to draw new conclusions. DO NOT BE DETERRED by preconceived notions, or this idea that “drugs are bad.” Studying these things is not illegal in the slightest. Besides, if you are going to hold an opinion on any of this stuff- drugs or spirituality- it is only fair that you be as informed as possible.

But forget about drugs. This series of posts is about the compounds and the effects they produce. Take a few minutes to learn a bit about them and then weigh them in your own mind. If you are so inclined, then go and do more research yourself (YouTube will oblige you). I promise you that you will be able to connect the dots, and this could perhaps shift your spiritual perception without you ever having to actually take the drug (it seems then that even knowledge can be a drug).

Gaining knowledge is very simple in this day and age. The reason that many of us don’t hear about these things until late in life, or rather, we do not get an informed picture, is because these ideas are not dealt with in the popular discourse; this is largely because talk about them is so suppressed. “Drug hysteria” has gone a long way in instilling this idea that all drugs are bad, but as we said in another post, everything is a drug.

“Entheogen” means “generating the divine within.” “Psychedelic” means “mind manifestation.”

So, kids, let’s learn about drugs. To get you started (and you know I hate to leave you without a video), the following is a brief video describing the 5 levels of the psychedelic as explained by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Richard Alpert in their book aptly called “The Psychedelic Experience.” Bear in mind that this is THEIR classification of the experience, and it is a provisional model like all other models. But it still seems like a good classification.


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