Russell Brand the Awakened Man

Russell Brand is very entertaining, articulate, and no-holds barred. And that’s why it’s a great idea to listen to him to get some fire in your belly.

He’s been through some low, low places in his life, but he has found his own awakening. And with that awakening has come a certain rage against the machine. He speaks very articulately on the folly of the current global political scenario, and implores everyone else to wake up to the power of their own consciousness… because once you do, then like Brand, you will see the stark hypocrisy and greed of the powers that be and then we can all come together and do something about it. Listen to him, he just wants you to realize that WE THE PEOPLE have all the power, and no one else.

When Brand talks about revolution, he’s not talking about an armed battle, he is talking about revolution of consciousness, hearts, and minds. He is simply saying WAKE UP and look at the utter bullshit around you, recognize it, and then begin to think and act on improving it.

The above video is a montage of some of his talks. He often gets into a heated frenzy because he is mad. I don’t mean he’s nuts, at least not any more than any of the rest of us, but he is pissed off at corporations, government, propaganda-spreading media, and the citizenry who lap it all up like sheep. In essence, what he’s trying to say is, “don’t be a sheep, be a Batman.”

He is deeply into spirituality, and you might understand now how that awakening makes you responsible for everyone, because once you feel that connection with the Universe, then it becomes the same thing as taking care of yourself. (This is the same spiritual awakening that is brought about with psychedelics or other trance-inducing practices; like we said before, it doesn’t matter how it comes about, it is the experience of connection that is important). That is why he is using his fame and persona to try and educate as many people as he can. And it’s really fun to watch, so go on ahead.


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