A Brand New Politics

OK star travelers, here’s Russell Brand on creating a brand new politics for a world, one based on reason, which involves being reasonable yourself. As always, he is calling for everyone to take a look at the situation and some of the obviously stupid policies we have in place. You have to ask yourself, are you free?

It’s a wonderful 1 hour talk, perfect for your Sunday hangover. It’s extremely entertaining too, because it’s Russell Brand being Russell Brand.

I have to admit at this point that clip we used in our first video where he is saying “…shut your fucking mouth and watch this fucking shit…” was used out of context. He is actually lambasting the current propaganda-spreading media who want you to “shut your fucking mouths,” and then “watch this shit” meaning all the bullshit media (like Jersey Shore) they are creating just to distract the population from important shit that is going on.

Go watch it and decide what you feel about it.

And have a Happy Vernal Equinox.


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