Of Equinoxes and Frequencies

What’s the big deal about equinoxes? Well, they may not seem important to you, because you live in a nice house, sheltered from the elements, with your internet and digital clocks. But think for a moment about how important equinoxes and solstices were for our ancient ancestors out on the plains of the wild. These extremely important days in the solar cycle (that is, our trip around the sun) marked the changes in seasons for these ancient humans without calendars and iPhones. This could have meant the difference between having enough food for winter and starvation.

Well, that’s important to know because if you spend a little time pondering on that, you will understand why so many religious festivals fall on these days, and you will begin to piece together the metaphors they represent. But let’s save that for another time.

The Earth is definitely alive. And part of connecting with the Earth- or Nature, or whatever you want to call it- involves understanding the Earth’s cycles and frequencies, and connecting yourself with them. The Earth has its own frequency, and this was proved by the scientist Schumann, which is why we call these frequencies Schumann frequencies. All of Nature is tuned into this frequency, and when something falls out of this frequency it gets sick. This is extremely significant when you realize that the collective global human consciousness is very sick indeed- just look at all the oppression, corruption, subjugation, and etc. that is rife in the world today.

Equinoxes and solstices are special days for marking when the seasons change, and many an ancient monument has been erected to observe this phenomenon. Take Stonehenge, for example, which is nothing more than a solar calendar built with very precise measurements. The amazing thing is the ancient humans who built them knew of the importance of these dates, and held their festivals and spiritual practices around these days.

It’s time to start learning a bit of history and science behind the spirituality. The Earth has cycles and frequencies that we need to be attuned to. Clearly we have lost touch with Nature, this much is sure. It seems it has taken science to tell us how important Nature is, even though a 5-year-old would be able to tell you the same. So now, my dear evolved and intelligent primate, let us examine the evidence.

Here’s a video on Schumann frequencies to get you started thinking on the truly divine and mathematical nature of Nature. The Earth has a pulse, just like you.

The other is a video talking about ongoing celebrations at Stonehenge on the vernal equinox. We too need to remind ourselves about the true significance and importance of these days, and this takes place through study. The equinox on 2016 takes place on March 20, and I urge all of you to go out into Nature and have some fun.

The last video explains what an equinox and solstice is, and how they are markers for the change of seasons.


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