Responsibility Towards Sustainable Chilling

In Episode 3 we talked about how you have a responsibility to Nature. Since all of your chilling is connected to all the chilling in all of Nature, you realize that you find yourself in a very fortunate situation (financially, socially, etc.), and therefore must do your best in giving back to the chilling balance of Nature.

Well, this guy, Manoj Bhargava, exemplifies this notion perfectly. Here is a guy who is a Batman in every sense of the word… well, actually just in the sense of the money and philanthropic mindset, but the spirit of Batman does burn brightly within him. Take inspiration from him.

He is not simply philanthropic in the sense of throwing money at charities. Here’s a bit about him… He has made billions of dollars with his energy drink, but it turns out he is a super chilled out guy and doesn’t have interest in luxuries. So, he has dedicated a large part of his fortune to developing projects towards a sustainable future. And these are not going to be fancy, space age stuff; he and his team are working on practical solutions to energy and resource problems, which are the BIGGEST problems we face today. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot like Batman to me.

TAKE INSPIRATION FROM THIS MAN. He is giving back to the world in a BIG, BIG way by putting resources into developing these solutions, as well as helping the needy on ground in third world countries. The documentary covering his wonderful projects, and the movement attached to it, are called Billions In Change. The trailer is below, watch it and take note. You can watch the entire documentary on YouTube too.

Go check out the website,, and maybe even join the movement. They are calling for people to work with them. Do you have an idea for an awesome solution that might take a bit of capital? Well, give it to the billionaire and let him figure it out. Don’t think about your own profit, you won’t get any, but that’s what being a Batman is all about. And I guarantee that the chilling you send out into the Universe will come back to you.


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