TSR3: Responsibility

While in your thoughts you must be simple and humble like The Dude, in your deeds you must be decisive and proactive like Batman.

In Episode 1 we covered how we have come from Nature, and hence owe everything to Nature. All our worship should thus go to Her, and that worship takes the form of just being good to everyone and everything. In Episode 2 we saw how Nature has put in place a wonderful system of organization that just somehow seems to work all together. That is, the Universe is one system, and everything is connected, even our individual actions.

Now we take a look at you. You could easily have popped up anywhere in the Cosmic Machinery, but you find yourself in a position of social and financial well-being. Well, since you have so much opportunity to chill, you therefore have a responsibility beyond yourself and to everyone who is not blessed with this opportunity.

This means you have to give back somehow, and that might mean putting a little bit of work in giving back. This can take any form you want it to, like maybe you spend some time thinking about how to solve one of the world’s many problems to the end of more people being able to chill. Or maybe you just volunteer some time doing whatever. But the very least thing you can do is spend some time on gaining knowledge and listening to philosophy. And it is this thing that will make you realize that your chilling is indeed dependent on the chilling of everyone else, and hence you MUST take responsibility for that, and you will be moved to action from within and of your own accord. Like with everything else, you must realize this for yourself.


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