The Burden of Proof

In thinking about the psychedelic experience, it is easy to stem the flow of information with a simple question: where’s the proof? You may conclude then that either there is an information mismatch between what you understand and what the theory says, or the information is nonsense.

So where is the proof that these titanic dimensions do exist? Can they be correlated to what are termed as “religious experiences?” Is there really a world beyond this one?

If you are a reasonably skeptical person (as well you should be), you are not going to just believe what someone tells you. Why, then, do so many trippers say it is true if they can’t prove it? What are they basing their inferences on?

The demand for proof is actually a fair ask. Of course we want proof. However, the proof (in this case) is not something that can be presented in a paper with mathematical formulae and derivations, or captured on film, or recorded in any way (with current technology) EXCEPT anecdotally, that is to say, from the stories of others. This is the problem without reductionist, scientific societal mindset. The PROOF that is so sought after lies in the EXPERIENCE and ONLY in the experience.

Well, no one can just go and shove LSD down your throat, and even if one tries to convince the most well-meaning of people to consider it, the suggestion to do “drugs” is met with horror, jest, and/or a lecture.

But if you want proof, then the burden of proof lies on YOU. If you do not want to avail of these shamanic tools (or lab prepared compounds), that is ok, but it is a cop out to say that you want absolute undeniable documentation of proof that these things are “real,” whatever “real” means. There IS A PROOF in the anecdotal evidence which you must examine if you are unwilling to have the experience yourself.

Anecdotal evidence is very strong when it is consistent across time. And you will find, if you do even some preliminary digging, that people who have undergone the psychedelic experience report very similar things. Now, it cannot be a conspiracy theory that SO MANY people ACROSS MILLENIA of human history are just playing along so that you can be fooled. It is just not feasible that there can be coordination and execution on that scale. So maybe there is something to the anecdotal evidence.

As a very simple starting point, start doing your homework. YouTube is loaded with “trip reports” of people on various substances. Start checking them out. I am sure you will see a pattern start to develop. Read about trip reports, read Aldous Huxley’s “Doors Of Perception,” watch some documentaries on shamanism, GET THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO MAKE AN INFORMED INFERENCE. You wanted it, didn’t you? You asked for proof. Well, if you don’t want to have the actual experience, you need to examine the evidence yourself- which is what you have to do anyway in any choice or decision you make.

Below are two videos. The first has already been shared on this blog, but in case you missed it, it is the trip report of a 65 year old woman who did mushrooms for the first time.

The second is a video of a young man talking about his “enlightenment” (and he explains what he means by that in the video) on LSD and Alan Watts (who we have already introduced in this blog).

Both videos are strong anecdotal testimony that there IS a spiritual experience that CAN BE FELT in this lifetime and is available to everyone. They are testimony that these titanic dimensions do exist. If you don’t believe these videos or think they are hoaxes, then please go and search for more “trip reports,” YouTube is filled with them. Examine the evidence, find the patterns, and make an inference. Short of actually having the psychedelic experience, this is as close as you can get to proof that IT IS REAL.


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