TSR2: The Cosmic Machinery

In Episode 1 we saw how all of us have come out of Nature, and are indeed Nature. Hence if we need to worship anything, it ought to be the thing that created us, and that worship ought to be in the form of just respecting everyone and everything, because it’s ALL Nature.

Now we take a look at the inherent intelligence of Nature. Everything fits in some kind of divine order, and we are very much a part of this. Unfortunately, human beings have lost touch with this divine order, this Cosmic Machinery, and we are now caught up in the struggle to satisfy our own egos which is pretty much ruining the planet.

The Cosmic Machinery can indeed be felt in the trance state, but you don’t need to do that at all. All you have to do is RECOGNIZE that it really exists. And once you recognize this, you will see how all of our actions are inextricably linked. So then what do we do? How do we keep from messing it all up? How do we act in this Cosmos when there are so many personal needs and wants that we must address as well? Put simply, whether you believe in any of this crap or not, how do you fit yourself into the Cosmic Machinery?


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