But Aren’t Drugs Bad?

The word “drug” causes a lot of hysteria. It is unfortunately a single word used to describe an extremely large class of chemical compounds that have an effect on the physiology when introduced in the body. Well, holy hell, that pretty much sounds like every chemical compound there is. And it’s kind of true: ALL chemical compounds are drugs!

Now, there’s two things about drugs I want to mention:

  1. Human beings have always tried to find ways to raise their consciousness. For a long time they tried religion, when that didn’t work they turned to capitalism and greed. People have tried alcohol, sex, and drugs of every kind imaginable. I strongly suggest you read “The Doors of Perception” by Aldous Huxley. It’s a short read, and it drags a little if you’re not into his description of art etc., but when he speaks about this universal human desire to raise one’s consciousness, you’ll understand this a lot better.
  2. EVERY human society that ever existed had drugs of some kind or the other. And a society can be judged based on the drugs they allow, and the drugs they disallow.

Let me just jump into the discussion I want to get to, regarding psychedelics. Now why do societies today crack down so hard on drugs like cannabis and psychedelics? These institutions require us to be obedient, money-spending, well-behaved cogs in a giant Earth ravaging machine, and to look the other way when they poison our rivers and rape our forests.

Psychedelics are known to dissolve boundaries- the boundaries between you and other people, the boundaries between you and other objects, the boundaries between now and the past and the future… You can feel the pain of others, you can feel the pain of the Earth, and if you can FEEL the pain of your actions, you will stop the action that is causing pain. Like if you put your hand in fire, it burns, and then you withdraw your hand. Well if you realize that your capitalistic activities are clearly destroying your Mother (i.e., Earth), you will want to stop it. If you start caring about the Earth and not about getting that BMW and that mansion and working your ass off in the pursuit of a dream created by advertisers and Hollywood, then their economic machine comes to a grinding halt.

Well, we’ll discuss whether that is a desirable or undesirable thing at another time. For now, what I would have you question is: Do you really need ANYONE to tell you what is good or bad? Do you need someone to tell you what you are allowed and not allowed to put in your body (assuming you are a mentally sound adult)? Or should you be allowed to decide what is good or bad FOR YOURSELF as long as it is not impinging on the sovereignty of anyone else?

At the bottom of this post is a short video of a real life experience of a 65-year-old woman after having a psychedelic trip. Those of you who think that this is all psychobabble or malarkey or straight-up bullshit, or want to learn more, I urge you to check out more of these “trip reports” on YouTube. I can’t speak much about them, because I’ve only watched a few, but I gather that you will see a pattern develop. All we have is anecdotal evidence, or in other words, the stories of people who have tired these substances. If you think that ALL DRUGS ARE BAD, I urge you to go out and find out more from these people who have told their story and decide for yourself.

Followed by that is a clip of a wonderful rant by Bill Maher on drugs and this whole issue of legality. Here is a sarcastically logical look at the issue. You have to love Bill Maher, even if you don’t like him, because he just does not hold back.

And finally, I strongly urge you to go get this documentary called “Grass: History of Marijuana,” (check it out on IMDB) narrated by Woody Harrelson, star of True Detective Season 1, the Hunger Games series, and Cheers. It exposes the hypocrisy of drug laws in America, and by extrapolation, the world.



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