Why Psychedelics?

Why psychedelics?

I am going to give simple reasons for why it is at least important to talk about psychedelics. Unfortunately, that means this post will run about 700 words. I apologize for that. So let’s jump into it.

Naturally occurring psychedelic compounds have been used for MILLENIA by human beings. These compounds occur in plants, and are or resemble NATURALLY OCCURING neurotransmitters. In fact, right now as part of your normal brain chemistry you have one particular psychedelic compound, n-n-DMT, in your brain. Shamanistic cultures still use these compounds today, where designated people- shamans- use them in order to enter other realms and/or communicate with entities (that they call spirits). They harness this power in order to heal people both physically and psychologically, divine the future, find lost things, and so on. These cultures are far more in touch with the Earth, and this is one of the things that we need to learn: that the Earth is precious and we are Her children, and we cannot poison her or we will have no ground to stand on.

Another reason for the anxiety of human beings is DEATH. It will wipe away everything, and people are anxious about this. You work your whole life to try and be happy, but you live with this threat that it may all end before you find that elusive happiness. So then a lot of stories about God and heaven and what not have been propagated to calm us down. Yes, we want to believe there is something after death, something to justify us being good and gentle in this life, or else we might as well bash each others’ skulls in and take what we can. Well, these psychedelic realms have something to do with that. Where do you think notions of paradise, of the Logos, of fairies and elves and aliens come from? These are merely archetypes; could it then be that they are actually entities that exist in a higher dimension, and that the psychedelic/post-death state is this higher dimension? These archetypes would then be an attempt at recreating for the rest of us these strange entities glimpsed in those higher dimensions by shamans and other trippers. Which would mean this: NIRVANA IS REAL. ELVES AND FAIRIES ARE REAL. Not in the LITERAL sense, but there is definitely a world unseen from ours, and it is very much rooted in imagination, mathematics, and higher dimensions. In order to keep this post short, I won’t go into detail, but there is plenty of material on this throughout the rest of the blog, or you can YouTube Terence McKenna or Ralph Abraham talking about psychedelics (there’s a link at the bottom).

And the best reason is quite simply this: it is an EXPERIENCE. This is not something that is told to you, this is something that you put in your body that radically alters your sensual perception and allows you to EXPERIENCE another realm. If you have never done psychedelics, I’m sure the preceding paragraph sounds like a lot of crap. And I don’t blame you. It IS a little zany. The thing is, you’ll never know it until you experience knowing it. You will never believe it unless you feel it for yourself.

And the last, most logical reason is this: it’s a silver bullet. The trance state can be achieved by meditation and other methods, but one can’t be sure how long it takes and how efficacious it is. However, one can conclude, based on evidence, that with a minimal amount of a certain compound, you will definitely have one hell of a ride.

And it is extremely necessary. We as a species need to shake off the cultural programming we have been receiving since our own Day One. It IS difficult to think for yourself in a culture, because so many answers are readymade for you. For example: What do you do when you’re 18? Well, Culture says that by now you should have finished high school and you get a job or go to college. Culture never asked YOU what you want to do, and neither do your parents because they are also firmly in the cultural machinery. Nobody asked Dustin Hoffman what he wanted in The Graduate, and that’s why things got so messed up. Psychedelics are so good at stripping away ALL these preconceived notions about what you are supposed to do, what kind of person you are supposed to be, and WHO YOU ARE as a human being. Psychedelics take your mind out of the cultural conditioning so it can think free, naked, and unfettered by anything else, and you can begin to think for yourself.

That’s why we will talk about psychedelics.

But, you know, I’m not saying take psychedelics. (*cough*legal disclaimer*cough*)


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