What is the Spirit Rebooted?

Where we take a look at various ideas on reawakening our spirit and understanding our role in Nature, and starting a conversation around these topics. This section of the blog takes its name from the blog itself.

A little bit of philosophy in everyone will save the world. No one can tell you this stuff, you have to figure it out yourself. And that’s why we talk about it, so you can draw parallels, so you can make connections, so you can theorize and formulate for yourself and figure out something that works for you.

These videos, though largely based on what I share in the other  sections of this blog, are painted with my own opinions and insights, and such is the nature of this stuff that I’m not sure which are opinions and which are genuine insights. I have drawn connections between many topics which have created new branches of thought for me. Like everything else on this blog I do not hold it to be the ultimate truth: it’s largely my perception.

But that isn’t the point. My only wish is to get these ideas out there. I don’t claim to have all the answers, I don’t even claim that these thoughts are entirely original. My attempt is to try and make it make sense in a way that it made sense to me. If nothing else, we can debate about it.

We are going to keep the content coming, with one of these videos once every one or two weeks, provided the natural flow of the Universe permits.


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