What is the Psyche-Spiritual Experience?

Where we look practically at subjects that may lead to reform of ourselves. Where we look at musings on the subject of entheogens (or psychedelics) both natural and artificial, and musings on spirituality, or rather the “connect between human and Nature,” and the ultimate realization that it’s all you, buddy.

The spiritual experience is very important to have in one’s life. People have tried religion to attain this, but I opine that a true spiritual experience is nigh impossible to come by with that method, or very hard at any rate. In any case, I refer to the trance state achieved by the use of psychedelics or any other method, such as meditation, dancing, shamanic drumming, and so on.

We must understand where our current religious belief systems have come from. We must sift through the metaphors of the old stories to find the universal spiritual instruction hidden in all religions. We need to know where our higher consciousness- the very thing that makes us human- comes from. We need to know: where did all this mess begin, and where is it going, and where do WE fit in it?

This is not dogma. This is not ritual. This is not something that is told to you. It comes from an EXPERIENCE directly felt by the individual. Therefore, there is room for interpretation, but not bullshit.


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