What is the Peaceful Revolution?

Where we look at practical ways of reform in our thinking as a species. We must understand what the problems are and how we can go about solving them within the structure of the current society to create a sustainable model of living.

It doesn’t take a genius to look at the world and realized that it’s screwed up. This gigantic cultural juggernaut that is “Modern Society” sets the rules for our lives. However, this model has failed and is taking the planet with it.

But the ability to save the world lies in each of us. No one can do it alone, but with a concerted effort we can manage it. The people with the skills and the vision are out there: they are you. You are the doctors, the engineers, the architects, the dancers, the poets, the painters, the dreamers, and you have some technical skill or the other plus your imagination.

And to stop this cultural juggernaut, we don’t need to fire a single bullet. This revolution will be fought and won with hearts. It is a revolution of minds.


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